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Fritz Meyer Slide Shows

Financial economist Fritz Meyer's monthly PowerPoint slides for advisors to use for seminars, webinars, and client meetings.
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Fritz Meyer Video Updates For Advisor Clients

Generate leads and gain new social media connections using quarterly video updates by independent economist Fritz Meyer.

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After 15 years as investment strategist at Invesco, Fritz Meyer in 2010 left his post teamed up with Advisor Products and Advisors4 Advisors to provide institutional-quality economic research to independent advisors. Advisors love Fritz Meyer's research and have called him "a national treasure."

Meyer's analysis is published monthly in 70 PowerPoint slides that can advisors re-purpose and brand for use in client meetings, webinars, newsletters, and blog posts.

$300 per year

The editable presentations contain dozens of tables and charts. Slides guide advisors through illustrated analysis of key economic data and their effects on investment strategy.

Targeted to advisors utilizing broadly diversified portfolios and strategic asset allocation, you can purchase Fritz Meyer's slide shows for $300 a year.

The slides are available on the second Wednesday of every month.

For an additional $60 annually, you can join Advisors4Advisors and gain access to 24/7 replays of Meyer's monthly webinars and receive CFP and IMCA CE credit on demand.

Fritz Meyer content is also used as the basis for articles and videos that can be posted to your website every month automatically.


Please see below a sample slide shows from February 2011.

Fritz Meyer Sample Presentation
View more presentations from AdvisorProducts.

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