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Bob Keebler’s Monthly Tax Analysis And Explanation

Robert S. Keebler is a leading educator of accountants and lawyers on income and estate taxation and IRAs. Now, private wealth advisors can educate their clients using Keebler’s tax analysis and explanations for just $300 annually.
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Backed by a team of tax professionals at Keebler & Tax & Wealth Education, Inc., Bob Keebler explains income and estate tax strategies as well as IRA rules in a monthly slide presentation. Keebler’s monthly webinars about tax minimization strategies are more important than ever because tax rates have risen.

You can use the slides from the monthly presentations as the basis for your own webinars seminars, newsletters, blog posts, and social media content as well as in client meetings.

Creating valuable content for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) that you target is crucial to success in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Keebler's slides makes it much easier to create content for clients and prospects that is valuable and timely.

$300 per year
For an additional $60 annually, you can become a member of Advisors4Advisors and receive CFP Board and IMCA continuing education credit 24/7 on replays of Keebler's sessions and other weekly webinars conducted by A4A for practitioners. CPAs can receive CPE credit for attending live sessions.

In addition, Advisor Products summarizes Keebler's tax planning strategies in monthly articles and videos intended for clients and that can be posted to advisor websites and creates a social content media stream targeted to ultra-HNWIs.

Below is a sample of the slide shows you'll receive monthly.*

Bob Keebler Sample Presentation
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